Eternal Spring

Eternal Spring. Auguste Rodin.

Eternal Spring. Auguste Rodin. 1906-7.


Como la semilla
Lleva nueva vida
Hay en esta primavera una nueva era

Goodbye Winter

In W.G. Sebald’s book The Rings of Saturn, he talks about Polish writer Joseph Conrad and how his father, Apollo Korzeniowski, was sentenced to exile in Vologda, a god-forsaken town somewhere in Russia. Apollo wrote in the summer of 1863:

“There are only two seasons: the white winter and the green winter. For nine months the ice-cold air sweeps down from the Arctic sea. The thermometer plunges to unbelievable depths and one is surrounded by a limitless darkness. During the green winter it rains week in week out. The mud creeps over the threshold, rigor mortis is temporarily lifted and a few signs of life, in the form of an all-pervasive merasmus, begin to manifest themselves. In the white winter everything is dead, during the green winter everything is dying.”

OK, winter is not that bad here in the sunny coast of Spain, but winter is winter. And now it’s over, so HELLO Spring, let’s soak up the sun!