Me Gusta Manu Chao, Me Gustas Tú

Here are some shots from last night’s Manu Chao concert in Reus, a very lively and fun gig!


And a clip from the gig plus one of my favourite songs:


Soy una raya en el mar, fantasma en la ciudad…

Me Gustas Tú

Me gusta la cena, me gustas tú…

Vertical Pools

IMG_1498 2

Ever since I first saw these vertical pools on the road between Reus and Tarragona I was intrigued. Today, about two and a half years later, I finally got around to photographing them.

There’s something surreal and enigmatic about this image which draws me to it and gets my creative juices flowing.  I like the shapes and shades which break into the monotonous landscape, they feel so out of place in the middle of  this big highway and the great thing is they give a bit of magic to the otherwise ugly industrial surroundings. They almost look like swimming pools in the sky.

It’s poetic, absurd, bizzarre, mystical. It makes me want to draw and it makes me want to write –just think what great stories could be hidden here! It’s full of potential.