After Gauguin

Two fashion shoots with the exotic taste of Gauguin

“All her traits combined in a Raphaelesque harmony by the meeting of curves. Her mouth had been modeled by a sculptor who knew how to put into a single mobile line a mingling of all joy and all suffering.

I worked in haste and passionately, for I knew that the consent had not yet been definitely gained. I trembled to read certain things in these large eyes–fear and the desire for the unknown, the melancholy of bitter experience which lies at the root of all pleasure, the involuntary and sovereign feeling of being mistress of herself. Such creatures seem to submit to us when they give themselves to us; yet it is only to themselves”

Extract from Noa Noa by Paul Gauguin

1. Peter Lindbergh shoots Naomi Cambell for Harper’s Bazaar, 1992

Peter Lindbergh naomi campbell in harpers bazaar 2 Peter Lindbergh naomi campbell in harpers bazaar 1992 3  Peter Lindbergh2 Peter Lindbergh3

2. Arthur Elgort shoots Liya Kebede for Vogue

arthur elgort vogue arthur elgort vogue2

southpacificbwaelk079rx liya kebede vogue shoot

Auti Te Pape

Noa Noa Te Pape. Paul Gauguin. 1894-95.

Auti te Pape (Women at the River) from Noa Noa (Fragrant Scent) Series. Paul Gauguin. 1893-94. Woodcut.