Attracted to Light

Attracted to Light is an art object/lampshade which narrates the erratic behavior of moths. The artist, Geoffrey Mann, uses long exposure photography and 3D software to map the movement of a moth stimulated by light and translates that path  into a sculptural form using rapid prototyping (3D printing). The result is this wonderfully organic form.

attracted to light geoffrey mann

Attracted to Light, Geoffrey Mann, 2005. Nylon, LED.


By Vladimir Lucien

The moth that enters
your house at night is a grudge
that someone is holding
against you. It half-sits, bothered
by your light and the roof
over your head. It spreads
its small evening wherever
it lands over the things
you love most. A dark tent
of dark intentions.

Vladimir Lucien is a poet, screenwriter and actor from Saint Lucia, his first poetry collection,  Sounding Ground (Peepal Tree Press, 2014) won the 2015 OCM Bocas Prize for Caribbean Literature. 

Man Dressed as a Bat (Night), Peter Doig, 2007

Man Dressed as a Bat (Night), Peter Doig, 2007