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1. Hanna Holch

2. Torso by Jean Arp

3. Guy Bourdin

In the Jungle

Cat in the Jungle. Gabriel Orozco. 1992

Cat in the Jungle. Gabriel Orozco. 1992

Gas Station. David LaChapelle. 2012

Gas Station. David LaChapelle. 2012

Lago Tarsila do Amaral

Lago. Tarsila do Amaral

Forest. Jean Hans Arp

Forest. Jean (Hans) Arp


Amazon. Liam Stevens.

Monica Ramos

Monica Ramos

Self Portraits

Kat in the Jungle. Kathleen Tompsett. 2014


Torso. Jean Arp

Torso. Jean Arp

The Plain

A poem by Jean Arp

I was alone with a chair on a plain
Which lost itself in an empty horizon.

The plain was flawlessly paved.
Nothing, absolutely nothing but the chair and I
were there.

The sky was forever blue,
No sun gave life to it.

An inscrutable, insensible light
illuminated the infinite plain.

To me this eternal day seemed to be projected —
artificially– from a different sphere.

I was never sleepy nor hungry nor thirsty,
never hot nor cold.

Time was only an abstruse ghost
since nothing happened or changed.

In me Time still lived a little
This, mainly, thanks to the chair.

Because of my occupation with it
I did not completely
lose my sense of the past.

Now and then I’d hitch myself, as if I were a horse, to the chair
and trot around with it,
sometimes in circles,
and sometimes straight ahead.

I assume that I succeeded.

Whether I really succeeded I do not know
Since there was nothing in space
By which I could have checked my movements.

As I sat on the chair I pondered sadly, but not desperately,
Why the core of the world exuded such black light.

Moustache Hat. Jean Arp.

Mustache Hat. Jean Arp. 1923.