Just finished  reading Archipelago by Trinidadian writer Monique Roffey. One of those great books that gives you the itchy feet! Now I want to conquer not only land, but also sea. I also learned about a phenomenon I never knew existed, the “moonbow”, or lunar rainbow:

“The moon is high in the sky; there is the disappearing squall, and between the squall and the boat — a perfect hoop. Just like a rainbow, except the seven shades of colour are shades of grey and gauzy light, as though it is a rainbow in negative. A wide delicate arc stretches across the night, each end finishing in the sea…A rainbow before it has dressed itself.”


The moon in Trinidad

100 Years Ago

Here’s a beautiful painting by Trini/Scottish/Canadian artist Peter Doig. I’d like to be in that boat right now.

100 Years Ago. Peter Doig. 2001.

100 Years Ago. Peter Doig. 2001.