Rotimi Fani-Kayode

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Chromatic Diet: Thursday

The novelist Paul Auster based a character, Maria, on French artist Sophie Calle in his novel Leviathan. After reading the novel, Calle decided to try and become the character, to recreate the parts of Maria that Auster had made up. Maria had a “chromatic diet”, eating food of only one colour on a given day. Monday orange: carrots, cantaloupe, shrimps. Tuesday red: tomatoes, steak tartare. And so on. For a week, Calle followed this regime and photographed it.

“He had used my real life to create a fictional character and I wanted to reverse the process. I asked him to write a character that I could become.”

text from The Independent 

Chromatic Diet, Thursday. Sophie Calle. 1997.

The Chromatic Diet: Thursday. Sophie Calle. 1997.