Melting Landscapes

Fernando Moleres is a Basque documentary photographer who addresses social concerns and current affairs in his work. His photographic work is a means of educating and spreading awareness, most often related to issues of human rights. This time he addresses climate change, specifically the melting icebergs in the Arctic, an issue of huge magnitude: one that brings forth a whole series of global implications. This latest project, Melting Landscapes, took Moleres to Greenland where he explored and documented the vast icy landscapes, returning with stunning images which make the viewer reflect on the situation and on our own global impact. The exhibition is part of DOCfield>15, the annual Festival of Documentary Photography in Barcelona, and also celebrates the new headquarters of La Taché Gallery.

The first collection of images, Desaparición (2015), illustrates perfectly the crux of the exhibition in a narrative that begins with a photograph of two narrow icebergs jutting out of the sea, and ends with an almost-bare picture within a frame: barely discernible is the same photograph of the two icebergs, only this time severely overexposed. In each of the 13 images which make up this series the landscape is a fraction of a shade lighter, the differences between them are hardly perceptible, but from the first to the last there is a shocking change. The icebergs have disappeared, vanished: melted.

Walking through the exhibition what is most striking is the sheer beauty of these vast icy masses. The photographs capture in fantastic detail the delicate and subtle textures, shapes, and shadows. It is a chance to see these beautiful forms which most of us will never see in the flesh.

The vernissage was a very accomplished affair which included a fun photography set complete with wacky props, a raffle, elegant hors d’oeuvres, and a generous offering of drinks, not to mention the countless attendants enjoying the art and atmosphere. It was also an opportunity to see the new location of the Carles Taché Gallery, previously based in Eixample and now relocated to Montjuic –just around the corner from the CaixaForum and MNAC. It is a large and promising new space, 1,200m² to be exact. Despite the unfinished floors and blocked portals which suggested the space is still being worked on, the exhibition was very clean and professionally put together with adequate lighting, labeling, and spotless white walls. We look forward to seeing what Carles Taché has in store for us!