Los Tripulantes

Illustrations and ceramics co-inhabit the space at Paella Showroom until the 30th of March. There are twenty exhibitors including the ceramic artist and teacher, Lusesita, and the artist and illustrator, Sergio Mora, in addition to 19 of their students. Lusesita and Sergio use their workshop, which they call La Nave Espacial (The Spaceship) to lead classes and workshops. This exhibition presents the fantastic product of these sessions where the group focused on creating ceramic pieces in response to illustrations.

The display consists of one framed illustration and ceramic piece (or set) by each artist. The pictures hang on the wall while their corresponding 3D piece lies on a table below it. The two pieces are inextricably linked, presumably the illustrations were created as a starting point from which the artists drew inspiration to create a ceramic piece, which were a mix of decorative and practical items, including tea sets, candle holders, plant-pots, a vase, and a lamp.

The works are all different yet there is a definite harmony between them, they all show a wonderful aesthetic sensibility. They are delicate and beautifully crafted and it’s easy to picture them hanging on your wall or sitting on your living-room coffee table. There’s an exquisite set by Olga Molina, a teapot and cups elegantly shaped, the pot painted with an image of a girl with blue hair, the streaks create a delicate pattern which covers the rest of the pot and the whole of the two cups. The ceramics are made in response to an illustration of the same girl whose blue hair doubles up as the sea where four figures are swimming. Another highlight were the three ceramic pieces by Ulises Mendicutti. A skull, a human face, and a bird face, which each act as a mini plant-pot where the cactus, with its wonderful varied shapes, becomes a part of the sculpture. What all the works demonstrate is the inevitable and intricate relationship between drawing and three-dimensionality.

The opening event last week was a huge success. The venue was teeming with people drinking the complimentary Estrella, and enjoying good company and art. If anything it was a bit too full, and the organisers should control the number of attendants. But all the same there was a great atmosphere and it was all accompanied with the music provided by RomaNo News. The event also gives you the opportunity to browse Paella Showroom’s cool shop with vintage clothes, jewelery, books, etc. The exhibition (as well as the shop) is highly recommended, and if you’re looking to buy a unique ceramic set or a picture for your wall, this is definitely the place to go. It’s on for another two weeks, make sure to catch it before it’s out!

Los Tripulantes can be seen at Paella Showroom until the 30th of March 2015

Exhibiting artists: Carmen Segovia, Lorena Franzoni, Ulises Mendicutti, Chiara Cerinotti, Kilomba, Claudia Blin, Eva Vázquez Abraham, Cristina Sitja Rubio, Candela Ferrandez, Laia Arqueros Claramunt, Lusesita, Stefania Lusini, Amaia Arrazola, Laia M.C, Julia Solano, Eva Misako Mimoko, Irina Slimobich, Olga Molina, Miju Lee, Sergio Mora, Andrea Viêntëc.