Untitled. J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere. 2004.

direcciones Enio Iommi 1945

Direcciones. Enio Iommi. 1945.

popova_constcomposition (1)

Constructivist Composition. Lyubov Popova. 1921.

Build Your Own Body

hanna holch Jean Arp Torso  Guy-Bourdin-English-16

1. Hanna Holch

2. Torso by Jean Arp

3. Guy Bourdin

Let’s Celebrate

By Mandy Coe

Let’s Celebrate
the moments
where nothing happens.
The moments
that fill our lives.
Not the field bright with poppies, but
the times you walked, seeing
no leaves, no sky, only one foot
after another.
We are sleeping
(it’s not midnight and
there is no dream).
We enter a room – no one is in it.
We run a tap,
queue to buy a stamp.
These are the straw moments
that give substance
to our astonishments;
moments the homesick dream of;
the bereaved, the diagnosed.


Love From a Distance

Love From a Distance. Renee Magritte

Love From a Distance. René Magritte

Praise Song For My Mother

By Grace Nichols

You were
water to me
deep and bold and fathoming

You were
moon’s eye to me
pull and grained and mantling

You were
sunrise to me
rise and warm and streaming

You were
the fishes red gill to me
the flame tree’s spread to me
the crab’s leg/the fried plantain smell
replenishing replenishing

Go to your wide futures, you said

Kama Mama, Kama Binti (Like Mother, Like Daughter). Hank Willis Thomas. 1971

Kama Mama, Kama Binti (Like Mother, Like Daughter). Hank Willis Thomas. 1971


By Carol Ann Duffy

Into the half-pound box of Moonlight
my small hand crept.
There was an electrifying rustle.
There was a dark and glamorous scent.
Into my open, moist mouth
the first Montelimar went.

Down in the crinkly second layer,
five finger-piglets snuffled,
among the Hazelnut Whirl,
the Caramel Square,
the Black Cherry and Almond Truffle.


I chomped. I gorged.
I stuffed my face,
till only the Coffee Cream
was left for the owner of the box –
tough luck, Anne Pope –
oh, and half an Orange Supreme.

Happy 2015

Happy New Year and a big Thank You to all my followers. Here’s wishing you an exciting year ahead!

Romania Eclipse. Cristina García Rodero.

Romania Eclipse. Cristina García Rodero.