Medusa Marinara

Brazilian artist Vik Muniz is famous for using materials such as chocolate sauce, sugar, dirt, and cotton wool to create fleeting images which live on in the photographs he takes. In Medusa Plate he re-creates Caravaggio’s Medusa, rendered in pasta marinara. He describes himself as an alchemist who makes visual magic out of the mundane.

Untitled (Medusa Plate). Vik Muniz. 1999.

Untitled (Medusa Plate). Vik Muniz. 1999.

Medusa. Caravaggio.

Medusa. Caravaggio. 1597.

3 Comments on “Medusa Marinara”

  1. kainzow06 says:

    I adore Vik Muniz! And I equally like this now-famous painting of his!
    The documentary ‘Wasteland’ showing how he managed to build giant mosaics from garbage,all with the help of some Brazilian trash-pickers,is also really inspiring!

  2. […] exhibition next to some of the most relevant names in contemporary art, including Ai Wei Wei and Vik Muniz. The exhibition, titled Utopia: Preterites of Contemporarity, was located in an underground hall at […]

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