A Kunderian Theory

Admiration or Pleasure? Appearance or Reality?

In his novel, Immortality, Milan Kundera poses an interesting question: Would you rather sleep secretly with Rita Hayworth or Greta Garbo, or show yourself with her in public?

He says: “The results are quite clear in advance: everyone, including the worst no-hopers, would maintain that they would rather sleep with her. Because all of them would want to appear to themselves, to their wives and even to the bald official conducting the poll as hedonists. This however is a self-delusion. Their comedy act. Nowadays hedonists no longer exist… No matter what they say, if they had a real choice to make, all of them, I repeat, all of them would prefer to stroll with her down the avenue. Because all of them are eager for admiration and not for pleasure. For appearance and not for reality”


What do you think of Kundera’s Theory? Do you agree?

2 Comments on “A Kunderian Theory”

  1. Interesting ideas! I think i agree…which is sad that this might be the case….Argh! I wish I could comment with my google account as The Curious Cat and not via facebook…wordpress is infuriating!

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